2019 International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructural Development

ICSID 2019

The 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructural Development (ICSID 2019) aims to bring together notable academic scientists, scholars, researchers, experts, government agencies, policy makers, industrialists and students for the exchange and sharing of experience and research ideas in various fields of science and engineering that are pertinent to sustainable infrastructural development. 
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In view of the global action towards environmentally sustainable infrastructure for enhanced human lives, original research papers should be submitted in the following themes and subthemes:

  • Sustainable Construction Materials
    – Recycled Materials
    – Concrete Durability
    – Reinforcement Corrosion
    – Cement and Supplementary Cementitious Materials
    – Timber Products in Civil Engineering
    – Natural Fiber for Structural Reinforcement
    – Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    – Self-consolidating Concrete
    – Composite Materials in construction
    – Bituminous, Pavement and Geotechnical Materials
    – Other related issues
  • Sustainable Housing and Construction
    – Affordable Housing
    – Construction Management
    – Smart City
    – Building Information Modelling
    – Sustainable Green Design and Construction
    – Health and Safety in Construction
    – Simulation of Construction Operations
    – Other related issues
  • Sustainable Water Resources and Geo-Environment
    – Water Sanitation and Hygiene
    – Water quality, groundwater management and conservation
    – Pollution (water, air and soil), remediation
    – Future water demands; Policy and legislation
    – Impacts of Land Use Change on Critical Infrastructures
    – Erosion and Flood Hazard Assessment and Alleviation
    – Climate Change and Adaptation
    – Chemical/Mechanical Stabilization/Ground Improvement
    – Soil Stability and Landslides
    – Soil Characterization: Problematic Soils – Laterites, Collapsible Soils and Soft Soils.
    – Urban Planning
    – Waste Management
    – GIS and Remote Sensing
    – Other related issues
  • Sustainable Transport System
    – Sustainable Road Infrastructure, Urban Transport Planning and Development
    – Sustainable Public Transport Systems, Policies and Governance
    – Sustainable Traffic Management, Travel Behaviour Studies and Traffic Accidents
    – Pavement and Transportation Infrastructure Development
    – Railway, Freight, Airport Systems and Mass Transport Strategies
    – Other Related Issues
  • Sustainable Computational Modelling
    – Structural Health Monitoring
    – Numerical Simulation and Constitutive Modelling
    – Infrastructural Failure and Risk Analysis
    – Building Collapse
    – Soil-Structure Interactions
    – Dynamics of Structures
    – Life Cycle Analysis of Materials and Structures
    – Predictive Modelling, Spatial Econometrics, and Stochastic Geometry
    – Transportation modeling and simulation
    – Other Related Issues
  • Social Developmental Issues
    – Sustainable Engineering Education
    – Entrepreneurship Education
    – Gender Responsiveness in Education
    – Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation
    – Infrastructure and Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs)
    – Infrastructure and Mass Displacement
    – Other related issues