About Us

The Department of Civil Engineering came into existence at the beginning of the 2004/2005 academic session. It runs an integrated sandwich programme to acquaint the students with the basic knowledge, practices and current advances in the field of Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering is concerned with the planning, design, construction, maintenance and environmental impact of buildings, roads, airports, waterways, railways, bridges, tunnels, docks, offshore structure, dams, water supply, drainage and irrigation systems/schemes, and other major works.  The Programme in Civil Engineering is therefore designed to produce engineers that can meet the challenges in the afore-mentioned areas through service in governmental agencies/establishments, the building and construction industry.

In September 2009, Civil Engineering became one of the Departments in the School of Engineering within the College of Science and Technology. In the 2014/2015 academic session, the Department became part of the School of Applied Engineering presently in the College of Engineering. The Department graduated its first set of graduates in July 2009.

The Vision of the Department of Civil Engineering is to be a world leader in ground-breaking scientific and technological innovation and to train civil engineers who will collaborate with other professionals to create a sustainable world and enhance the global quality of life.

The Mission of the Department is to provide, through innovative teaching, research and community service, civil engineering education aimed at producing a new generation of highly motivated, competent, skilful and innovative professionals and students with a burning desire to tackle Africa’s developmental challenges. Consequently, the Department strives to generate and provide high quality and high-tech knowledge in a student-friendly environment for the purpose of producing well-prepared engineering leaders of tomorrow.

The Philosophy of the Department of Civil Engineering is in consonance with the overall Philosophy of Covenant University, which is a departure philosophy from dogmatism to dynamism. The Department adopts a very practical and realistic approach to the solution of all civil engineering problems based upon sound mastery of underlying theories in order to produce graduates who will impact their society and environment positively and bring about the desired changes that will be an example for others to follow. Our products are capable of making informed contributions to technological issues in a globalized environment.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  1. teach the student the fundamental concepts of Civil Engineering with which he/she can build his career to the highest degree of professional competence;
  2. develop the students in the application of technical knowledge, sense of analysis, creative design abilities, innovation and adaptability, and leadership qualities;
  3. provide the students the opportunity to develop, after a basic understanding of all areas of Civil Engineering practice, his/her special area of interest which include structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation planning and highway engineering, water resources and environmental engineering, Civil Engineering planning, construction engineering and management; and
  4. provide practical training in the industries and other Civil Engineering establishments in preparation for professional practice.