Faculty Management


J. O. Akinmusuru, PhD
Professor of Geotechnical EngineeringJ. O. Akinmusuru, PhD
David O. Omole, PhD
Professor of Environmental Engineering/ Dean, College of EngineeringDavid O. Omole, PhD
David O. Olukanni, PhD
Professor of Env. Engineering / Director, Quality and Academic StandardsDavid O. Olukanni, PhD
Anthony Nkem Ede, PhD
Associate Professor of Structural Engineering / HODAnthony Nkem Ede, PhD
Samuel A. Ogbiye, PhD
Senior Lecturer (Environmental Engineering)Samuel A. Ogbiye, PhD
Ben U. Ngene, PhD
Senior Lecturer (Water & Environmental Engineering)Ben U. Ngene, PhD
Mrs Olatokumbo Ofuyatan, PhD
Lecturer I (Structural Engineering)Mrs Olatokumbo Ofuyatan, PhD
Surv. A. S. Ojo
Lecturer I (Surveying & Geoinformatics)Surv. A. S. Ojo
Isaac I. Akinwumi, PhD
Lecturer I (Geotechnical Engineering)Isaac I. Akinwumi, PhD
Gideon O. Bamigboye, PhD
Lecturer I (Structural Engineering)Gideon O. Bamigboye, PhD
Mrs A. A. Busari, PhD
Lecturer I (Highway & Transporation Engineering)Mrs A. A. Busari, PhD
Oluwarotimi M. Olofinnade, PhD
Lecturer II (Structural Engineering)Oluwarotimi M. Olofinnade, PhD
Paul O. Awoyera, PhD
Lecturer II (Structural Engineering)Paul O. Awoyera, PhD
Engr C. P. Emenike
Lecturer II (Environmental Engineering)Engr C. P. Emenike
Gideon A. Adeyemi
Lecturer II (GIS & Environmental Management)Gideon A. Adeyemi
Solomon O. Oyebisi
Lecturer II (Structural Engineering)Solomon O. Oyebisi
Mrs O. G. Mark
Lecturer II (Structural Engineering)Mrs O. G. Mark
Mrs T. Alayande
Lecturer II (Structural Engineering)Mrs T. Alayande
B. I. Oniemayi
Assistant Lecturer (GIS & Environmental Management)B. I. Oniemayi
Mrs K. Daramola
Assistant Lecturer (GIS & Environmental Management)Mrs K. Daramola
Assistant LecturerAkpa

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