Dr. A. N. Ede

Senior Lecturer

PhD (Composite Mat Civil Structures, UniSalento, Italy), M. Sc. (Civil-Structural Engineering, Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna- Italy)

Anthony Ede is a Civil Engineer with specialization in Structures. He has acquired over 12 years of teaching and research experience in 3 continents of the world. His teaching experience spans from the introduction to structural analysis to the design of complex structures. His research focus is on Structural Health Monitoring, Structural Damage Assessment and Solutions for Restoration; Development of Softwares for Structural Analysis, Design and Finite Element Modeling, Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials, Characterization of Building Materials, waste to wealth of Construction Materials and Impact of Global Climate Change on Buildings and Infrastruture. He has a strong aptitude for learning, is reliable, self motivated and motivates others. He has built the ability to work in a team environment and to grow strong professional relationship over the years in which he has worked in Europe, USA and now in Nigeria. He has a high sense of industry and ability to handle challenges and multi task which derives from his excellent planning and organizational endowment. He is open to linkages and collaboration in his areas of research and all fields pertinent to Structural Engineering and Innovative Construction Materials.